Excelsior Surgical Society

As the Military Chapter of the ACS, the Excelsior Surgical Society (ESS) provides a voice and a home for all military surgeons within the largest surgical organization in the world. The ESS serves as both an on-ramp to membership in the College as well as an off-ramp for surgeons as they separate from the military and transition to civilian practice. In the Military Health System of the 21st Century, this Military-Civilian Partnership is vitally important to preserving the lessons of the past, improving care in the present, and anticipating challenges in the future.

The ESS exists for Military Surgeons. It also exists because of Military Surgeons. Join us! Let your voices and concerns be heard. Use your experience to guide the next generation of surgeons or to assist line commanders with the battlefield utilization of medical assets. Take advantages of the opportunities of the Military Health System Strategic Partnership of the ACS.

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Want to learn more about becoming a member or holding office? Visit the ESS Membership page.

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